Christoph Springinsfeld Коуъркър

Christoph Springinsfeld 1 | Innovator Coworking Space

Chris is 29 and originally from Austria. In 2018 he started selling books, using print-on-demand-services, and kept growing that since then. He is mainly focused on republishing classics of world literature, which are in the public domain, mostly in English, German and French. Since he has no background or experience in that field, he had to teach himself everything from scratch. Today he is working on automating all of his tasks as much as possible, be it researching new potential titles or extracting the raw text from his sources and format it correctly into a print-ready file. Since he can do his work independently from any location, he left Austria and travelled the Balkan countries plus Turkey. Ultimately, he decided to stay in Varna, Bulgaria, convinced by it’s access to the sea, EU-membership and tax conditions.

Специализация: Продаване на книги и оптимизиране на процеси

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