Galakteya Yabandzhieva Marketing Specialist

Galakteya Yabandzhieva 1 | Innovator Coworking Space

Galakteya’s journey in Innovator started back in 2019 when she was a Marketing intern. During the internship her new nickname Galaxy was invented and that’s how everybody in the team call her now.

Moving forward Galaxy is now studying and working at the same time. Her main responsibilities include organising monthly events and annual conferences, finding potential partners and sponsors, managing local and national projects and last but not least managing the blogs and social media profiles for Innovator and its side projects.

Age: 22
Specialization: Marketing


Even before becoming an integral part of the team, while she was an intern, Galaxy proved that she is a great team player – always willing to help her colleagues and go that extra mile for the team.

Combining studying and working is never easy, but Galaxy is always focused on developing herself as a marketing professional. Her work at Innovator helps her develop in the professional world, while her time at the university expands her knowledge of the field.

As part of the team working on Innovator’s events and conferences, Galaxy is responsible for most of the communication with potential lecturers, partners and clients – she is always polite, kind and receives a lot of positive feedback.

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