Ilko Shtirkov Coworker

Ilko Shtirkov 1 | Innovator Coworking Space

In high school he participated in a competition to develop a space colony for NASA. He gathered a very strong team, with which they won first place and attended a conference in San Diego. At university he developed a concept for a robot which organizes the parking of cars in parking lots. The robot and not the driver looks for a place and then returns the car to the driver. When he graduated from university, he started working in another startup, which is in the field of verification of authentic products and up to this day works on it. He is interested in financial markets, programming, astronomy, robotics, psychology and others. If you see him in Innovator, it will most likely be in the workshop where he designs and 3D prints parts for his robot.

Specialization: Startup projects

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