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Innovator is the first of its kind maker and coworking space in Varna, where tech enthusiasts, designers, inventors, innovators, art people and every freelancer can meet, work and cooperate in a perfect-for-this environment. Located in the Art Neighbourhood of Varna – Talyana – Innovator has the best possible working atmosphere for various professionals.

The first floor of Innovator consists of a coworking zone, café and after 18:00 there are different events, such as meetups for makers, seminars and courses, fun events such as board game nights and video game tournaments, etc. The second floor of the building consists of private offices, another coworking zone and is based as incubator for inspiring startups and valuable and exciting business models.

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More than 300 people used Innovator as their workplace



Innovator is hosting a variety of different events - meetups, seminars, conferences, even TEDx events



More than 5000 people attended the events that took place at Innovator



And more than 650 gifts have been created by Gift Factory in Innovator's labs

Meet the team

About us 1 | Innovator Coworking Space
Nikolay Nikolov

General Manager

About us 3 | Innovator Coworking Space
Özgur Karalar

Technical Manager

About us 4 | Innovator Coworking Space
Georgi Milev

Creative Manager

About us 5 | Innovator Coworking Space
Galakteya Yabandzhieva

Marketing Specialist

What our Visitors Say

Friendly young people with visitor centric approach. They did everything by themselves from scratch and love this place. Ask them for the upcoming events, because for sure they are organizing some! Great place to work in Varna!

Dimitar Ivanov

Amazing place. The co-working space is a great zone for renting an office. The huge event & conference rooms are an additional plus. One can find the most amazing tech (3d printers, laser cutters, etc) & the nicest people there. The location is central and the building looks fabulous (both outside & inside).

Mihail Duchev

Just a cozy co-working space in Varna, near the Roman Baths and the Cathedral. Perfect place to work during the summer - good Wi-Fi connection, big event hall, friendly environment and 3D printer for any enthusiast. Worth to see it.

Deyan Zhekov

Great place for coworking, but much more than that, interesting events almost every day, have a caffeteria area, friendly people!
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