Yes, of course. However, please note that Innovator has the right to decline certain types of events if we feel that they are against our community guidelines.

To make an inquiry, please contact us at +359 52 953 086.

To rent a private office, you need to sign a contract with Innovator for at least one year and pay a deposit in the amount of one-month worth of rent.

However, the number of private offices is limited. By the way, are you sure that a private office is the best choice for you or your business?

Innovator's coworking is not a library, so yes, you can.

<strong>However</strong>, please note that there are other people working around you, so if you have to answer a phone call, make a conference skype call or just want to chat with someone from the coworking, there are more suitable places to do so - for example, our cozy coffice.

Also, members can book the meeting room for skype calls and meetings, so that they don't distract the rest of the coworkers.


Sure, why not! Just bear in mind that you have to get the Game Changer or Full Membership as you would need your own personal workspace to be able to leave your equipment.

Also, you can lock your belongings in the lockers provided.

Please note that as the Game Changers work from the coworking on the first floor of Innovator, outside working hours, the hall is used for events - so, our team keeps your monitor and equipment in the storage room during events.

Innovator has a professional security system and members with 24/7 access have individual security codes and keys to enter the building.

Every code is individual and can be traced.

We also have 24/7 CCTV on sight.

Yes, of course! We offer daily and weekly passes for people who are in urgent of a workspace!

Our day pass is 10BGN, while you can pay 39BGN and get access to Innovator for a whole week.

Coffee, tea and water are included in the price!

Yes, as long as we do not offer these specific products in our coffice.

Also, please note that eating and drinking inside the coworking is not forbidden, but if you are eating a beef burger, for example, it might be unpleasant for other people to smell it while working.

Therefore, please use the designated areas for eating and drinking.

You can if you want. Innovator offers a variety of memberships and two of them offer a personal workspace.

Our Game Changer membership offers a personal workspace from 09:00 to 18:00 situated in the coworking zone on the first floor of Innovator.

The Full Membership offers a personal workspace in the coworking zone on the 2nd floor with the option to pay for 24/7 access.

For more information about the different memberships click<a href=""> here</a>.

Innovator is not working 24/7, but there is a coworking zone that can be accessed by certain members every day, all the time.

If you want to be able to access Innovator 24/7 and work from our coworking space at any given time, then you would need to purchase at least a 3-month Full Membership and pay the 24/7 additional charge (49BGN per month).

What you get is a key to the coworking and a personal security code with which you can enter the building.

Innovator is a community where people from different backgrounds, specialities and nationalities work under the same roof. You are more than welcome to become a member and use all the services that Innovator offers.

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