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If you have ever wondered what exactly the Triple Crown of Hiking is, then this article is just for you. You will learn a little bit more about the Bulgarian Petar Vanev and his adventures on the way to achieving his dream. And who knows? Maybe you will decide to follow his steps.

Petar Vanev can not be described in one word. He is a free-spirit whose hobbies include not only diving, riding a motorcycle or rock climbing. Not long ago he gave up his job as a manager in England and began the journey to his dreams on foot.

His goal – to conquer the three hiking trails that form the so-called Triple Crown of Hiking in the USA. This includes the Pacific Crest Trail (4240 km), the Appalachian Trail (3500 km) and the Continental Divide Trail (4960 km). After successfully walking through the first two trails and becoming the first Bulgarian to achieve this, now the only thing between Petar Vanev and his dream is the Continental Divide Trail.

During his journey along the Pacific Crest Trail the Bulgarian made more than 6 million steps. The whole length of the trail is 4240 km from Mexico to Canada or to say it in another way – twice the outer border of Bulgaria.

“The body adapts and then the challenge is only for the psyche. And one must be strong and confident in themselves and in the ability to motivate themselves in moments of despair and doubt.”

Petar Vanev’s adventure is surely not easy but the new people, magnificent views and exciting emotions make every obstacle on the way less frightening. Inspired by his journey along the Pacific Crest Trail the Bulgarian writes a book which is defined as the story of one traveler and the only possible path – forward.

“As an inexperienced traveler I had great fears. Basically, it was fear from the unknown. But I did not allow that to stop me from starting the trip. From then on, every step moved me forward. It all starts with the first step.”

Petar Vanev shares that his journey along the Appalachian Trail (also known as the Green Tunnel) was a challenge for his mind and body. We should mention that during his 109-day adventure the Bulgarian wore only one pair of shoes which he had to repair with dental floss, glue and a needle. In a moment when the pain, fatigue and the obstacles seemed to overcome – one person brought back the adventurer’s enthusiasm and reminded him why he had began this journey. Petar Vanev met the oldest owner of the Tripe Crown of Hiking who told him: “Just keep moving”!

#Upcoming – One Bulgarian on his way to receive the Triple Crown of Hiking 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

If the story sounds interesting to you, don’t miss your chance to attend the event organised by Innovator. On 13th February you will have the opportunity to meet Petar Vanev in Varna and to hear some stories from his journey which include freezing temperatures, bears, new people, nature – things that promise to stay in our mind for a long time. The event is suitable for people interested in the unknown, fans of walking, adventurous souls, literature lovers, dreamers or to sum it up – everybody. We are waiting for you!

For more information don’t hesitate to visit the official page of the event in Facebook here.

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