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What Covid 19 teaches us about working places?

For more than a year the whole world was holding one’s breath as if the end date of this nightmare is not known yet. One thing is sure, we learnt a lot this past year about the way we are living our life but also what we can change or improve.

In every situation, we can look for the dark side of the situation or the bright one. And even if the positive aspects are not seen yet, and we are all still struggling to get back to our life. Covid 19 teaches us some important things.

So, where are we now?

What is really interesting about human beings is the capacity of improving, changing and being able to adapt to every circumstance.

After months of curfew, restrictions and home offices we can say that going every day to a faraway office, commuting for hours, living in a capital with a high right rent is no longer an option that people want to do. But at the same time, working from home shows us some limits. You need to have the equipment, the motivation and the ability to work by yourself, so what could be a solution?

A new way of seeing workplace

Indeed, the quality of life is more important than ever. After the freedom to work from home, many employees find it unthinkable to return to the office full time.

In fact, a survey on the desires of employees after the pandemic, conducted on LinkedIn in June 2020 on 1,200 respondents, reports the following figures:

60.6% want a mix of telework and office and 33.1% want to exclusively telework. Consequently, only 6.3% wish to return to the office full time!

Despite its flexibility, widespread teleworking does not appear to be a universal long-term solution. Each employee has different needs in terms of flexibility and, above all, productivity. Some dream of switching to telecommuting, while others feel isolated and less productive. In particular, some teleworkers say they suffer from a lack of real contact with their colleagues. The limits of teleworking therefore affect both physical health (ergonomics, work equipment) and mental well-being.

What about coworking’s virtuous effect?

Today the employees wish for more flexibility and a better balance between work and private life. The mix with home office and coworking could be the key.

First, in a collaborative workspace, employees enjoy the flexibility of telecommuting, while remaining productive. Coworking, often located close to home and offers a stimulating and fully adapted environment. Everyone benefits from daily exchanges with colleagues from various backgrounds. This is indeed an important advantage in overcoming the isolation of teleworking.

Also, managers observe an increase in productivity and concentration among their employees. It’s no wonder! Coworking offers a dynamic, inspiring environment conducive to creativity. With the option of working in a collaborative space, the employees can choose for themselves the environment that makes them productive. It goes without saying that this freedom benefits both the company and the employees!

What Covid 19 teaches us about working places? 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

On the other hand, the company itself benefits from the telecommuting/coworking combination. From a human point of view, it increases the employee retention rate and accesses a larger talent pool. Indeed, a company concerned with the well-being of its employees inspires a feeling of loyalty and attracts brains. In addition, many workers are looking for flexible work with a lot of freedom and a good work-family balance. With the telecommuting option and an office closer to your employees, they save time on a daily basis.

In addition, the pandemic is changing the way companies manage their resources. With COVID-19, some companies are deciding to reduce their area of ​​operation. Others even choose to terminate their leases. Indeed, with an office occupancy rate of 50%, why pay for 1:1?

Of course, telecommuting doesn’t just mean savings. New expenses included furniture, equipment and additional IT. Businesses need to invest in new systems, software and applications.

New employee expectations and increased financial constraints force the search for creative and flexible solutions. Several companies are giving up the permanent office in favour of a telecommuting/coworking combination. Indeed, this ingenious solution combines the best of pre- and post-pandemic worlds and satisfies everyone.

Thus, teleworking during the COVID-19 era sparked an irreversible revolution in the world of work. Employees have discovered a new model of work that they are not ready to give up. Businesses had to find quick fixes for fluctuating expenses.

If you wish to know more about the history behind coworking places just take an eye on our previous article “A little story about … coworking space” in our blog section – click here. You will also find various articles about coworking spaces, our place and a presentation of some coworkers members.

I hope that this little overview may have grown your interest in coworking places, and if you travel through Varna one day let us know, we will have a desk ready for you 🙂

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