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10 differences between working in a cafe compared to working in a coworking space

For all kinds of reasons, working in a cafe isn’t always a good idea. Sources of distraction, professional isolation, lack of security, wifi or discipline…This is why, among the growing offer of new workspaces, the coworking spaces have made a real place in remote workers’ choice. Coworking, shared offices, incubators, wifi cafes, these appellations are now part of the professional landscape of remote workers. Nowadays, coworking spaces are more important than ever. Because more and more people need or get used to working remotely and many other jobs now allow people to work from almost everywhere, a new work environment was needed. If the health crisis has rather accustomed us to working from home, the fact remains that meeting several people opens up real opportunities.

In short, a coworking space is a place where several fundamental things happen: people work there, meet there, exchange and have fun. In fact, a coworking space offers multiple advantages to remote workers. So, let’s take a look at 10 differences between working in a cafe and a coworking space.

10 differences between working in a cafe compared to working in a coworking space 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

1. Morning Coffee

At the cafe, you can line up to order a coffee and try to find a seat. On the other hand, at coworking spaces, you can sit back and enjoy free and unlimited drinks. Also, you will find a variety of seating and common space options to choose from to prepare for a productive day, and you may even have your own desk ready for you!

2. Free and reliable wifi

If the wifi needs to break, it’s always the worst timing! In a cafe, the wifi is not necessarily made for workers, it’s just made for customers to use while eating and drinking, so it might not be that strong. If too many people are using the wifi, you will lose the connection and maybe miss an important meeting. In a coworking space, you will find fast and secure wifi, and in some coworking space, you may even have access to LAN cables, fiber optic connections, etc.

3. Professional address

Coworking spaces offer you the possibility to pay for a professional address even if you are not a coworker. Thus, you can organize formal meetings, which is not really possible in a cafe. You may also need to get some package delivered or do some interviews, so in joining a coworking space, you will have access to a place where you can organize meetings with clients or potential employees and get your package delivered on time (because someone will be here to get it even if you are not).

4. Place to make connections

Sure, in a cafe, you will never feel alone. You may even find from time to time people you already met, but it’s unlikely that you will find an opportunity to meet people important for your job. Most people coming to a cafe are there to enjoy some free time and not speak about their job. Whereas a coworking space is, above all, a workspace, open to several independent profiles or startup-type companies. You may even create a project with someone you meet there!

5. Quiet and work-friendly space

In a cafe, you may have to shout into your phone to be heard above the ambient noise. Some cafes also actively discourage you from working for a long time, especially in peak hour, and you will need to with the staff looking at you funny for working on your laptop. All you need to do at a coworking space is walk outside the open space or go into a meeting room to make calls in a quiet space and enjoy some private space, and you will always be welcome!

10 differences between working in a cafe compared to working in a coworking space 3 | Innovator Coworking Space

6. Team friendly spaces

In a cafe, you will need everybody to squizz around a small table and bring their chair around. In contrast, in a coworking space, you will get comfortable and collaborate productively using a meeting room or other collaboration space. You may also book more or fewer desks depending on your needs.

7. Benefit from infrastructure

When you work in a coworking space, everything is possible, and everything is at hand, especially to organize various professional events. Want to make yourself known and organize a cocktail? Organize a workshop in a large room? Get together with collaborators to make a videoconference? When you work from a cafe or from home, everything is more complicated. You cannot receive interviews nor even make a video because you don’t have access to suitable equipment, or otherwise, you have to anticipate and find a place, book it and pay for it. When you are in a coworking space, you can enjoy a modern place, often with meeting rooms of different configurations (small rooms, private space, conference room, rest area …). It’s up to you to choose according to your guests and your needs.

8. Socializing

By going to the same café every day, it is possible to create landmarks and meet other people to overcome the feeling of loneliness. But the people who go there do not necessarily work there and are therefore not in the same state of mind. Coworking spaces have community events and potential networking opportunities that could change the entire trajectory of your career. People in coworking space are not just strangers but will become at least some acquaintances, and you may even, some days, become friends with some of the coworkers!

9. Security

Will you let your laptop in a cafe without wondering if someone will steal it from you? Getting up to go to the bathroom can become a nightmare. You will need to decide whether to leave your stuff at the table and risk having it stolen or pack it up and bring it with you and risk having your table taken by someone else. On the other side, you could just sit at your desk in a coworking space. Enjoy some nice and random breaks and walk out without thinking if you will find back all your stuff or a seat to seat…

10. End of the Day

Are you done for today? In a cafe, you will most likely feel tired of sitting in the same chair all day, wondering when you should order some drink to stay longer, and you will most probably need to leave before the end of your work will be done, when the cafe closes. So at 5 pm, you will need to go home and finish your work from home. Or you could feel fit and motivated by being in a space intentionally designed to be a comfortable working space, open when you need it and where you can finish your job. Most of the coworking spaces are open 24/7, so you will be free to work when you want and at any time.

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