What Covid 19 teaches us about working places? 2 | Innovator Coworking SpaceBusiness
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What Covid 19 teaches us about working places?

What Covid 19 teaches us about working places? For more than a year the whole world was holding one’s breath as if the end date of this nightmare is not known yet. One thing is sure, we learnt a lot this past year about the way we are living our life but also what we can change or improve. In every situation, we can look for the dark side of th …

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A little story about … coworking space 3 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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A little story about … coworking space

We may think that the creation of coworking space is directly linked to Silicon Valley, created in a world of «Geeks» for «Geeks». But this is just the visible face of the iceberg, since age, people are cooperating in such working space. But the coworking place is not anymore seen as a Silicon Valley… The development of coworking space from Europe t …

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Coworking in Varna – а new phenomenon? 4 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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Coworking in Varna – а new phenomenon?

We’ve already noticed that coworking is a rapidly increasing phenomenon in the last decade, because it comes with a new approach to office work and it certainly benefits freelancers and start-ups. In the U.S., for example, more than 30% of workers are freelancers, at the moment, and the prospects show that their number will further increase. But what about other places in the world? Let’s take, for instance, Varna, a city in Bulgaria, with interesting contrasts and relatively low living costs, on the coast of the Black Sea. At first glance, we can notice here the same tendency: the coworking phenomenon is boosting, just that the parameters are somewhat different than in the West or in Asia. There are already few coworking spaces and hubs in Varna, and a social start-up network is forming itself as we speak. Image from: www.freepik.com / Author: pikisuperstar Besides professional or economical advantages, the expansion of coworking in Varna brings few more certain advantages, such as possibilities for freelancers or young entrepreneurs to connect with each other. By establishing networks, they can succeed easier, because they open the way for more and more people to join. From this perspective, Varna can be a suitable place for freelancers or start-ups. The competition is low, as the phenomenon is relatively new, and, furthermore, Bulgaria is being well-known for its somewhat relaxed fiscal policies and low taxes. Image from: www.freepik.com / Author: pikisuperstar Last, but not least, coworking in Varna benefits tourism, as well, especially during the summer, when the city doubles or even triples its population. The city is a good choice for spending the summer at the Black Sea and it has many things to offer. As a logical outcome, foreigners who want to combine work with vacation are often choosing coworking spaces or they attend to some of the events or activities which these social hubs create. Once more, by establishing networks, foreigners blend into the local society much easier, and stereotypes disappear. So, yes, coworking in Varna is still incipient, compared to other areas of the world, but it’s certainly getting out of […]

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Coworking facts and tips 5 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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Coworking facts and tips

For sure, many people heard, at least once, about this term – “coworking”. Anyway, whether you know what it means or you’re not really familiar with the term, I think some facts about it are interesting and they worth being mentioned. The word “coworking” (without hyphen) appeared in 2005, defined by Brad Neuberg, a programmer who opened the first space of this sort, in San Francisco. By today, there are thousands of coworking spaces or hubs around the world, and even if they differ sometimes, in terms of organization, design, community or size, their main characteristic is that they are a logical reaction to the classic, formal offices, where strict rules, routine and monotonous atmosphere can restrain productivity, creativity and the flow of ideas. Image from www.pixabay.com / Author: StartupStockPhotos Therefore, coworking spaces are an alternative, as shared environments, where people can work independently, establish networks easier, share ideas, knowledge, contacts. The range of people who choose to work within those spaces is wide, from freelancers and entrepreneurs to corporate workers. Also, some coworking spaces gather people from various fields, while others are destined for people coming from the same field. A coworking space usually has large, shared offices, where people can interact with each other, have round tables and collaborate, but also individual offices, for those who prefer privacy, as well as conference rooms, shared kitchens or the so-called “coffices”. However, some coworking spaces want to be more than that, so they became hubs or social startups, building an entire community around them, thus stimulating their members by constantly organizing events, conferences or leisure activities. Image from: www.pixabay.com / Author: Free-Photos The facilities offered by coworking spaces are usually similar to normal offices or companies, with the mention that you will find plenty of coffee in a coworking space since they created a whole cult about how important coffee is for having energy and good results. And indeed it is, in my opinion. The prices are reasonable and attractive if we think about the facilities and about the fact that a coworking space can suit the same needs, more […]

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How to make our coworking space eco-friendly

Nowadays coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular and a lot of young people are being inspired by the opportunity to work in such an office. The perks are many: unlimited fast internet, personal desk, office with air conditioning, printers, coffee machine and last but not least, people who you can interact with at help each other with creative ideas. Image from: Instagram / Author: yanoliveira_interiores Withal pollution around the world is still a huge problem so we must think more about the environment while we innovate our coworking office. Here are a few ideas that might be helpful to anyone who is willing to help the planet while doing the best from their job: Indoor bike parking We all know that bicycles are not causing any pollution in contrast to cars, buses and other vehicles, so we can inspire our coworkers to avoid their automobiles or public transport and ride a bike. Image from: www.parisoma.com Become paperless The waste of paper is a huge problem, many trees are being destroyed and not enough are being planted. It’s vital for our future existence due to the fact that trees are creating the oxygen we breathe. With that being said, what we can do about it is to use less paper. How? – by recycling paper, using already used sheets for internal paperwork, using cloud drives and shared files, memos etc. Did you know that 30% of the printed papers in the office are never being collected which automatically becomes a waste? Now we can collect paper and use it again in the office. Also, when we set daily tasks or have some kind of written reminder we can put a whiteboard in the office and write there, instead of printing it on a piece of paper of leaving paper memos. Recycling Putting 3 different big recycle bins in the office would inspire people to separate their junk. Not only paperwork but tea bags and coffee grinds could be also collected separately with paper napkins likewise the plastic items such as cutleries, cups and straws. You’d be surprised how many […]

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Coworking spaces – What are they and why they seem to be successful? 14 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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Coworking spaces – What are they and why they seem to be successful?

We definitely live in an informational era. An era of speed, change and adaptability. Classical jobs and technical skills alone are being overcome by soft skills, combined mindsets and more complete skillsets. Statistics show that people change their jobs or professional interests more often than before – when one had the same job, more or less, for his or her whole life. In this context, professions are rebranded, freelancers are on the increase, young entrepreneurs venture themselves more into the business market, new ideas are replacing the existing paradigms and start-ups fill places which big enterprises haven’t absorbed yet. Therefore, people sometimes need a stimulating environment, a vibrant atmosphere, or just a private desk where they can work in peace. For those people, the mainstream corporate environment seems to be uncomfortable. They want to work, establish networks, have their own schedule, not to depend on straight rules, bosses, routine and “hamster-wheel” type of desk-jobs. On the other hand, sometimes new entrepreneurs can’t afford to rent large office spaces or they are simply not willing to. Image from: www.freepik.com / Author: yanalya Therefore, this is how coworking spaces appeared and the key to their success is simply this: they represent an alternative. They suit the needs of their members in a better way than the classic options do. In a coworking space, you can have privacy, if this is what you need, but you can also get involved in round-table discussions, openly and informally. You can meet interesting people, connect with them and share ideas. As a start-up founder, you don’t need a whole office building for your business, you can just use the services of a coworking space, which are usually cheaper. A coworking space often represents one community as well, that’s why they often become collaboration hubs. This means they encourage their members to develop themselves, regardless of their field. They can organize events, activities and meetings. This type of coworking and collaboration places are not just shared workspaces, but a lot more than that – let alone the affordable costs. Image from: www.pixabay.com / Author: rawpixel In the […]

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All you need to know about coworking spaces 15 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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All you need to know about coworking spaces

Do you want to know what exactly co-working is? In this article we will help you understand what it means, who uses these spaces and why they are becoming more and more popular. If you visit a shared office, you will immediately feel the difference from the typical ones. The smell of fresh coffee is only an addition to the atmosphere that the worker …

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Digital nomads – a new expression for old practices 16 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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Digital nomads – a new expression for old practices

I’m sure many of us heard about this term, “digital nomad”, but I’ve got more familiar with it myself only lately since I took a little deeper contact with the world of freelancing, coworking and digital nomading. Yes, technically, being a digital nomad means that you’re also a freelancer, however, it’s more than it to define digital nomading. To p …

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GRO36 – 89% of coworking space members are happier

GRO36 is not an ordinary office hotel in Jönköping, Sweden. It’s a modern collaborative workspace or center, as they call it themselves. The city is located on the south shore of Lake Vettern. It has a train station, a port and an airport. According to data from the census in 2010, there were more than 89 000 people. At GRO36, you are constantly in …

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