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Do you want to know what exactly co-working is? In this article we will help you understand what it means, who uses these spaces and why they are becoming more and more popular.

If you visit a shared office, you will immediately feel the difference from the typical ones. The smell of fresh coffee is only an addition to the atmosphere that the workers bring to the place. You will see people who are focused on their personal work, as well as those who talk to each other and share experiences and ideas. Such is the culture of co-working. Shared workspaces provide accessible office space for those who want to escape the boredom and isolation of the home office or café. These places offer amenities such as desks, wi-fi, conference rooms, kitchen, coffee and even more. Dwellers are usually freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups or small teams who want to take advantage of a flexible workspace. In addition to the culture, price is also a very important factor. One of the advantages of shared offices is that you can only rent what you need – an office or a desk. With different memberships the cost may vary and allow you to be flexible. Membership prices also depend on whether you use a shared desk or a fixed one that is only for you.

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Who exactly uses the co-working spaces?

Freelancers – for them such workspaces bring the best of the best in one place. They become part of a community and avoid the boring work from home. Start-ups – they appreciate the flexibility of shared offices, as they are less expensive and because of the lack of duties which ordinary offices usually require. Small teams are given the opportunity to communicate with other people, to create useful contacts, and sometimes it is even where one can find their business partner. The concept of co-working spaces is very useful for these types of workers because the office communicates with the ideas, goals and desires of freelancers and startups.

A team of researchers explores the effect of collaborative work on productivity, and recently some of their findings have been revealed in The Harvard Business Review. Researches show a huge difference between employees working in these shared workspaces compared to those in regular offices. They find that people who use shared workspaces have a different attitude to their workplace. They are more satisfied with the work they’ve done, have more control and feel as a part of a community.

Large organizations – with the expansion of shared offices, large companies also decide to use the concept by applying it to attract larger organizations into their workspace. They use it as a way to work with others, to develop in areas where they still have not, to innovate, and to share their costs. It is currently very popular for large companies to send their employees to work in such spaces in order to diversify their daily lives and unlock their creativity.

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Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular as there are more people working as freelancers or starting their own business. Nowadays when face-to-face communication is becoming less and less common everyone is looking for a way to socialize, share ideas and develop themselves while being surrounded by people with the same motivation and goals as theirs. The best way for a person to experience the atmosphere and understand the benefits of shared offices is to personally try working in such place.

You can do it now in Varna by visiting the newest shared workspace in the city – Innovator. You will love it – we promise!

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