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We definitely live in an informational era. An era of speed, change and adaptability. Classical jobs and technical skills alone are being overcome by soft skills, combined mindsets and more complete skillsets. Statistics show that people change their jobs or professional interests more often than before – when one had the same job, more or less, for his or her whole life.

In this context, professions are rebranded, freelancers are on the increase, young entrepreneurs venture themselves more into the business market, new ideas are replacing the existing paradigms and start-ups fill places which big enterprises haven’t absorbed yet. Therefore, people sometimes need a stimulating environment, a vibrant atmosphere, or just a private desk where they can work in peace.

For those people, the mainstream corporate environment seems to be uncomfortable. They want to work, establish networks, have their own schedule, not to depend on straight rules, bosses, routine and “hamster-wheel” type of desk-jobs. On the other hand, sometimes new entrepreneurs can’t afford to rent large office spaces or they are simply not willing to.

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Therefore, this is how coworking spaces appeared and the key to their success is simply this: they represent an alternative. They suit the needs of their members in a better way than the classic options do. In a coworking space, you can have privacy, if this is what you need, but you can also get involved in round-table discussions, openly and informally. You can meet interesting people, connect with them and share ideas. As a start-up founder, you don’t need a whole office building for your business, you can just use the services of a coworking space, which are usually cheaper.

A coworking space often represents one community as well, that’s why they often become collaboration hubs. This means they encourage their members to develop themselves, regardless of their field. They can organize events, activities and meetings. This type of coworking and collaboration places are not just shared workspaces, but a lot more than that – let alone the affordable costs.

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In the end, we can easily observe how the coworking trend is growing. Even some multinationals and large corporations started to implement this trend in their own offices because they noticed that it’s useful, productive, and it benefits the employees. It remains to be seen, in the next few years, whether this will be a new strategy for all corporations or if coworking spaces will slowly attract everyone from corporate offices. Either way, it’s certain that things won’t stagnate.

Author: Alexandru-Eduard Nica

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