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Let’s talk a little about coworking, but this time from a different perspective. We won’t focus on what regular coworking spaces are about, because the idea it’s very simple, in that case: they are shared working spaces. Instead, what makes some of these places more special is the community which appears within and around them. So, let’s see what a coworking community is.

Well, for starters, it follows the same principle as every other community. It makes people with common activities gather around common goals, in a common space. By forming a community in a coworking space, things are easier to achieve. People can share ideas, establish connections, relations, find solutions for their business or even lay a strong foundation for new businesses.

How does a coworking community work? 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

When people become part of a community, of a network, they work better, they are more creative and often feel more motivated to accomplish their objectives and achieve their goals. New contacts are useful and new knowledge may help you see what you’re doing from different angles. Usually, only the first step is a bit difficult, but once you break the ice and get involved, you may want to stay involved.

The reason is that members of coworking communities really help each other, even if it may sound like a cliché. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many growing communities like this, all around the world. Some of them have an impact on the local market, by generating new opportunities or attracting foreigners.

How does a coworking community work? 3 | Innovator Coworking Space

At the end of the day, coworking communities want the same thing: to grow. Actually, this is more like an outcome of another fact: their members want to improve themselves. One may have technical skills, others can show better soft skills, another one can be a digital geek, and so on. If you are good with SEO, for instance, and someone else is good with web design, it can be a win-win situation if he needs your help and you want a new website for your business.

Last, but not least, it’s also about the fun. People sometimes feel more comfortable and relaxed when they are in a community. You don’t have to work all the time, so think about the other side of making connections. Some of these people can become your friends. After all, if you share similar professional goals, why wouldn’t you share other interests as well?

Author: Alexandru-Eduard Nica

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