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Today we talk with one very humorous and ambitious person, who also happens to love green tea very much. His name is Tigran Baghdasaryan and he is one of the members of Innovator, who work in our co-working space. Here is what he shares with us about his work, what he likes doing in his free time and why he prefers the work atmosphere in Innovator.

Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Tigran Baghdasaryan and I consider myself being mostly from Varna. I graduated from the University of Economics – Varna, majoring in Business Information Systems (BIS), and then studied Master in Design, Use and Interaction at the University of Oslo. I’m a developer (front-end/mobile development, hey – it’s not just rgb and html tags), but I’m actually specializing in looking for the right answers in Google and I praise people in StackOverflow. Since I spend too little time in front of the computer at work, I catch up in my spare time rarely combining it with the wishes of others.

When and how did you start programming?

My first job included a one year as junior full-stack developer for Flat Rock Technology, Varna, during the I hope not so far 2013 (I do not want to watch the calendar). I started my current job in 2016 when I was still a student in Norway after making a pointless product. I must say – I’m kidding!

What motivates you the most in your everyday life?

The desire to delight myself, the clients and the company from the work well done. The diversity (it happens), intensity and contribution to improving our product and team are also very important motivators for me.

Are there days in which you lose focus and how do you deal with it?

Almost every Friday. Do I have to deal with it? A lot of green tea – this is the magic. However, if concentration is irretrievably lost, I emphasize on the irretrievable and finish the day so to speak. But it also depends on the work for the day, sometimes it’s a little more than a lot of green tea in order not to be the only one who happy at the end of the day.

Why did you choose to continue your education in Oslo?

This decision was a little impulsive. Initially, my plan was to learn and develop in Barcelona – for the reasons I think you can guess on your own. But I did not like the French part of the Catalan language. Oslo was my next choice because of Norway’s standards and peaceful life, the opportunities for development and for doing business, the free education and the free use of the English language in both learning and everyday life. And the size of the city resembles Varna – a fact that satisfied me extremely.

In the Spotlight – Tigran Baghdasaryan 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

What was your most interesting experience in Norway?

6 months of snow, the happiness of getting home without slipping. University is a great and extended experience after you realize that the notes from the lectures are far from being enough, really far… You understand how much more effort you have to put in what you have done so far. On the other side, I had the opportunity to see the beauty of Norwegian nature – it is really impressing.

What is interesting about the Norwegian culture?

The lack of normal Norwegian food. The remains of their Viking past and the way they enjoy the nature around them, which indeed brings joy.

What made you come back to Bulgaria?

The good thing about my profession is that I can do it from anywhere. My employers were extremely pleased with the pictures from the beach in Varna and they wanted me to bring positivism from there…I mentioned the 6 months of snow. Besides the snow, the sun is also hiding – it does not want to show up much in the winter.

How do you relax?

Long walks, sports and good food. I travel as much as possible. Video games are also a sin which I have almost left behind.

Why did you choose to use our workspace? What does Innovator give to you?

Maybe the location gets the first place, as it provides quick access to the Sea Garden and the sea as well as the central parts of the city. Moreover, my impressions of Innovator from the first moment are only positive. The pleasant atmosphere and people also contribute to the good working environment.. And there is green tea.

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