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In recent years, the business world has changed thanks to the appearance of shared workspaces which have become an alternative to a proven workplace option. Its driving force at the beginning was freelancers and young companies but it evolved into a fundamental particle for many of the Fortune500 companies (Microsoft, IBM, etc). These are the 8 reasons that have attracted even the most forward thinking companies into the world of co-working spaces

  1. Flexibility – According to Cushman & Wakefield’s research, this is the biggest attraction for freelancers, small businesses and even large businesses to shared workspaces. Establishments such as Innovator provide rental opportunities for short periods for various workspace sizes. This allows the occupants of shared workspaces to assess the option best suited to their needs. Thus the users of these spaces are benefiting and have the opportunity to invest their savings in other ways, which is beneficial to companies of all sizes.
  2. Rapid development – The shared space sector was adopted with tremendous success. The number of locations of shared workspaces in the world has increased tenfold over a period of six years, reflecting proportionally to their occupants, who have risen from 43,000 to 1.2 million. Surveys show that there is no intention of slowing down this course. By 2020, the number of visitors of co-working spaces must reach the stunning 3.8 million, and by 2022 it should rise to 5.1 million.
  3. Productivity – The best co-working spaces are with an impressive and carefully planned design that aims to increase productivity, while providing relaxation elements to integrate into the workflow, making it a pleasure. An example of this is the WeWork and Convene spaces that provide amenities such as cafes and relaxation areas – something that we at Innovator have in our Coffice.8 things you should know about co-working spaces 2 | Innovator Coworking Space
  4. Valuable communication – Shared workspaces provide the perfect environment for relationships between different businesses and individuals, giving them opportunities for collaboration and mutual development. Known as one of the most innovative scientific circles in the world – BellLabs, try to build for its inhabitants the mentality of acting and thinking innovators.
  5. Lonely work – In recent years, with the increase in the number of workers, the depression caused by the lack of human relationships has increased. People need a social environment in which to reside, yet the normal working day is 8 hours, that is 1/3 of our day. Shared workspaces provide a solution to this as well, with 83% of respondents saying that there is significant improvement after entering places like Innovator, for example.
  6. The Future – Despite the understanding that shared workspaces are only suitable for self-employed people, research suggests that by 2020 more than 50% of their occupants will actually be from independent enterprises. And 15% of them will have a large number of employees, companies with the size of Facebook, JPMorgan, IBM and Microsoft, which will surely be a significant step towards the workspace of the future.
  7. The best of all worlds – Shared workspaces offer the perfect mix of the best aspects of the different environments needed for business development. They combine the social environment that meets conferences and events, the comfort of home, and the work atmosphere created by the traditional office. All business relationships, services and amenities that surpass those of standard offices are in one place.
  8. Wavelength – Co-working spaces have definitely become a trend that transforms a number of sectors, including real estate. By increasing the impact of shared workspaces on the property market, they challenge the traditional offices that are more expensive and at the same time less efficient than this new format that provides more flexibility, a more productive environment, a relaxation opportunity and communication, and fully transform the image of the workflow. So what do you think, will you take the wave and enjoyment of the future as it should be?
Taken from cushwake.com.

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