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A little story about … coworking space

We may think that the creation of coworking space is directly linked to Silicon Valley, created in a world of «Geeks» for «Geeks». But this is just the visible face of the iceberg, since age, people are cooperating in such working space. But the coworking place is not anymore seen as a Silicon Valley… The development of coworking space from Europe t …

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Coworking facts and tips 2 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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Coworking facts and tips

For sure, many people heard, at least once, about this term – “coworking”. Anyway, whether you know what it means or you’re not really familiar with the term, I think some facts about it are interesting and they worth being mentioned. The word “coworking” (without hyphen) appeared in 2005, defined by Brad Neuberg, a programmer who opened the first space of this sort, in San Francisco. By today, there are thousands of coworking spaces or hubs around the world, and even if they differ sometimes, in terms of organization, design, community or size, their main characteristic is that they are a logical reaction to the classic, formal offices, where strict rules, routine and monotonous atmosphere can restrain productivity, creativity and the flow of ideas. Image from www.pixabay.com / Author: StartupStockPhotos Therefore, coworking spaces are an alternative, as shared environments, where people can work independently, establish networks easier, share ideas, knowledge, contacts. The range of people who choose to work within those spaces is wide, from freelancers and entrepreneurs to corporate workers. Also, some coworking spaces gather people from various fields, while others are destined for people coming from the same field. A coworking space usually has large, shared offices, where people can interact with each other, have round tables and collaborate, but also individual offices, for those who prefer privacy, as well as conference rooms, shared kitchens or the so-called “coffices”. However, some coworking spaces want to be more than that, so they became hubs or social startups, building an entire community around them, thus stimulating their members by constantly organizing events, conferences or leisure activities. Image from: www.pixabay.com / Author: Free-Photos The facilities offered by coworking spaces are usually similar to normal offices or companies, with the mention that you will find plenty of coffee in a coworking space since they created a whole cult about how important coffee is for having energy and good results. And indeed it is, in my opinion. The prices are reasonable and attractive if we think about the facilities and about the fact that a coworking space can suit the same needs, more […]

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Digital nomads – a new expression for old practices 3 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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Digital nomads – a new expression for old practices

I’m sure many of us heard about this term, “digital nomad”, but I’ve got more familiar with it myself only lately since I took a little deeper contact with the world of freelancing, coworking and digital nomading. Yes, technically, being a digital nomad means that you’re also a freelancer, however, it’s more than it to define digital nomading. To p …

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13 interesting facts about co-working spaces 4 | Innovator Coworking SpaceBusiness
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13 interesting facts about co-working spaces

In today’s article we present you 13 interesting statistics conntected to co-working spaces and the tendencies in the sector. In 2018, the number of employees in shared work offices sums up to 7 million. By the end of 2018 there will be almost 19,000 co-wokring spaces in the world. By 2020, 40% of the co-workers will be consisted of freelancers, tem …

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8 things you should know about co-working spaces 6 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
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8 things you should know about co-working spaces

In recent years, the business world has changed thanks to the appearance of shared workspaces which have become an alternative to a proven workplace option. Its driving force at the beginning was freelancers and young companies but it evolved into a fundamental particle for many of the Fortune500 companies (Microsoft, IBM, etc). These are the 8 rea …

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