How often do you hear that working in an office is boring and monotonous? You don’t need to count it as the answer is a lot. People usually take such clichés as statements and do not even try to break the routine.

Fortunately, the creative members of The Tipping Point Foundation have already made the effort to think outside the box and have created Kantoor Karavaan. As the name suggests, it is an office caravan. It is designed for people who love nature, like to travel, and at the same time are hard working. The actual idea behind the project is renting out a caravan that allows you to work from wherever you like. It is based in The Netherlands, and it could be hired either individually or for groups.

Co-working & Traveling – Kantoor 1 | Innovator Coworking Space

The caravan offers wireless WiFi, kitchen unit, coffee machine, desk space, and limitless access to nature. The creators also suggest custom facilities for groups. The payment does not have to be in cash only. The organizers allow payment in the form of help and support for their projects. This way it is much more affordable for different people. The founder, Tom van de Beek, notes that the project is reaching more and more people, and their community is growing. He confirms that they are planning an expansion in Europe. The countries they are considering are Greece, Spain, the UK, etc.

While such a project reaches our area we can take advantage of the shared co-working space that Innovator offers in Varna. An interesting event that Innovator is hosting is the meetup with Petar Vanev. He is an adventurous storyteller and traveler – you can follow the link for more details and reservations. Bon Voyage!

Co-working & Traveling – Kantoor 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

Author: Boryana Ivancheva

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