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GRO36 – 89% of coworking space members are happier

GRO36 is not an ordinary office hotel in Jönköping, Sweden. It’s a modern collaborative workspace or center, as they call it themselves. The city is located on the south shore of Lake Vettern. It has a train station, a port and an airport. According to data from the census in 2010, there were more than 89 000 people. At GRO36, you are constantly in …

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NapLab – the place where they want you to sleep

You’ve heard of co-working. Or maybe not? For those who have not, we can say that this is a uniquely shared workspace, and redirect you to the other articles in our blog where you can dive in the atmosphere and the benefits of this type of working environment. Now that you know, and for those who have already knew, we present you a very interesting …

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Co-working & Traveling – Kantoor

How often do you hear that working in an office is boring and monotonous? You don’t need to count it as the answer is a lot . People usually take such clichés as statements and do not even try to break the routine. Fortunately, the creative members of The Tipping Point Foundation have already made the effort to think outside the box and have created …

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