Yes, technically, being a digital nomad means that you’re also a freelancer, however, it’s more than it to define digital nomading. To put it simply, it means to earn your living using technology and digital means, while you’re constantly travelling. You organize your schedule however you want, combining work with vacation, you don’t need to report to anyone and you definitely don’t have a routine in your life.

Two girls socializing with each other. Freelancers. Digital Nomads.

It’s possible to be a productive digital nomad, because we live in an era of information, speed and technology, hence you can have a travel blog, for example, and move from one country to another. However, the principle itself it’s not new. There have always been people who didn’t enjoy a monotonous lifestyle, didn’t want to settle down so early or who just had a desire to explore, to meet new people, new situations, new cultures etc. A list of examples of people like this can start with the Antiquity. The only difference, however, it’s that nowadays travelling is much faster, cheaper and extended.

While many people feel comfortable with routine, with a stable office, stable home, or steady environment, others may count their age in visited countries, not in years. There will always be a category of people that will constantly travel, or people who just want to earn money for themselves, not for some boss, not for some big multinational company. That’s why digital nomading is a trend, today, the same as coworking or freelancing. For this kind of people, this is a huge experience, no matter how long they will be digital nomads. Some of them stop after a while when they finally consider to settle down somewhere. After all, like any other way of living, this one has ups and downs as well.

Coworkers talking

For those of you who are digital nomads, coworking spaces are preferable, at least once in a while. Also, you know very well that these places shouldn’t be only shared working spaces, but also communities, networking places, something to help you develop. That’s why, maybe at some point, when you’ll consider Eastern Europe or the Black Sea coast, check out Innovator. It’s located in Varna, Bulgaria, and it is worth a shot. Once you’re there, you’ll easily find out why.

Author: Alexandru-Eduard Nica