GRO36 is not an ordinary office hotel in Jönköping, Sweden. It’s a modern collaborative workspace or center, as they call it themselves. The city is located on the south shore of Lake Vettern. It has a train station, a port and an airport. According to data from the census in 2010, there were more than 89 000 people.

At GRO36, you are constantly in a dynamic working environment and among a variety of start-ups, entrepreneurs and creative businesses in the field of plants, design and content. You can maximize productivity and reach to the full potential. The space is specially designed for people’s productivity, creativity and development.

GRO36 – 89% of coworking space members are happier 1 | Innovator Coworking Space

GRO36 offers several memberships in a different and inspiring collaborative environment. In addition to an ordinary daily access pack, employees can access their own desk, lockеr, free coffee/tea and free parking. They can also use specialized room membership with limited transparency and access through a unique code.

For some countries (Thailand, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries with high rates of depression) it is typical that you have the right to keep your dog at work. GRO36 also offers personalized adaptation conditions such as bringing your pet with you. It has been shown in many studies that the presence of pets releases stress, and trust between people increases after they communicate with a dog. Contact with them actually reduces the stress, and people who have long grown a dog emit oxytocin or the so-called hormone of happiness produced while playing with a dog.

GRO36 – 89% of coworking space members are happier 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

In addition to these privileges, you can access eCommerce bases as well as many other benefits of your membership or visit to GRO36 – private telephone rooms, post office, security and alarms, discount reservations, ergonomic chairs and tables, conference and meeting room, printers and scanners, exposure to private communication channels, super-fast network, seminar breakfast.

For GRO36’s photographers there is a fully equipped photo studio used daily by members of the shared workspace, but also by external companies and individuals – both professional and amateurs. GRO36 invites you to hire high-tech conference halls and organizes conferences that you can visit or organize and get to know a lot of new people from different spheres of work.

Last but not least, there is room for more introverted people or people who want to focus very seriously on their work and be alone, these are small sized rooms, but big enough to feel comfortable and focus on your goals.

GRO36 – 89% of coworking space members are happier 3 | Innovator Coworking Space

If you have a way to Sweden, be sure to visit this unique place and if you ever need another shared workspace, you are always welcome to Innovator – Varna, where you can unleash your creative and innovative potential.

All photos belong to GRO36.
Author: Gala Gateva

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