You’ve heard of co-working. Or maybe not? For those who have not, we can say that this is a uniquely shared workspace, and redirect you to the other articles in our blog where you can dive in the atmosphere and the benefits of this type of working environment. Now that you know, and for those who have already knew, we present you a very interesting reading of the shared workspaces around the world.

Worldwide, the promotion of shared workspaces is not just a passing trend, but a part of the everyday life of many people. Who are they? People who have self-employed or hard-earned professions but want to work on their own or learn more from people in different spheres. They may be those who are looking for like-minded people, dating, new friends. They may be people who are often traveling or those who are not happy to stay alone at home, and for the introverts we can say that they can also get seclusion in these places as long as they want it. Everyone chooses for themselves, right? But if you find your place, no matter who you are and what you are dealing with, it becomes your place, and who does not want to be in a pleasant environment, while doing the necessary for self-development activities.

The first place from the shared workspaces around the world that we would like to introduce to you is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. Only in the capital Bangkok the population is about 9,100,000 people, and the urbanized area around it – about 12,000,000 people. Do you imagine how many visitors come in the city per year? And in this city there must be a place where it is quiet so that you can do your job properly and have a good wi-fi, as ours, of course.

And so you find NapLab – a revolutionary place where you can work and at the same time – guess what – to take a nap. In addition to the traditional office desks on the upper floor, you will find unusual bunk beds scattered around to annoy you or simply to make you sleep in the workplace (literally!). Downstairs there are places for a relax zone and games (work-free zone). If you get tired and want to move from the top to the bottom floor, you can use a simple slide called Emergency Work Exit.

NapLab – the place where they want you to sleep 1 | Innovator Coworking Space

It is also important to know that NapLab has not one, but two buildings with different locations in the city – NapLab Chula and NapLab Wanglang.

NapLab – the place where they want you to sleep 2 | Innovator Coworking Space

Their daily packages includes internet and pillows! NapLab works 24/7, the space usage rates start from 150 Thai Bats (slightly more than 8 leva) for 3 hours. Conference halls of varying size and capacity are also available – one of the buildings overlooks the Napa Wanglang River in the Gulf of Thailand, special events and parties for the holidays, special discounts for early birds and night birds. With food, drinks, office space, work-free zone, and the coolest – a place for naps, we doubt you will find a more suitable work place in Bangkok.

NapLab – the place where they want you to sleep 3 | Innovator Coworking Space

If you want to see more from the place, you can do it here.

Author: Gala Gateva

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