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The Talyana Neighbourhood

For my first cultural article, I had no choice but to start with Talyana. It is the first district that I discovered after arriving in Varna, and I fell in love with it at first sight. So let me tell you more about this district of Varna…

A little history about Talyana:

The idea behind the name of Talyana is to create an arts district in Varna, which will bring together the artists of Varna and their workshops, as well as various cultural sites – galleries, workshops, installations, etc. The Talyana area is situated in Varna’s historic centre, located between Musala Square, Preslav, Tsar Simeon, and the train station. Thanks to Bulgaria’s rich history, heir to ancient civilizations such as Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians, historical remains are ubiquitous. Land of extremely precious artistic and architectural creations of these different cultures, Varna is full of treasures. Talyana is known to be the area with the most historical buildings in the city. Located in the ancient heart of the city, or Greek quarter, Talyana centralized some of the most important buildings and the city’s wealth. Such as banks, offices of large merchants, modern stores, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the stock exchange.

Fun Fact => Talyans (таляни) is a type of fishing gear that looks a lot like a sea trap. In this way, a reference is made in homage to the role given to this district: Attracting Varnéan and tourists to this little-known section of the city. The project aims to encourage architects, designers, entrepreneurs and artists to apply their ideas gathered by bringing them together in this space in the heart of the city and to revitalize this district.

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The contemporary history of the most romantic district in Varna:

For the first time, the idea of ​​a unique place in the ancient Greek quarter was proposed by the chief architect Viktor Buzev. The perimeter of “Talyana” is then delimited between the train station, the streets “Preslav” and “Tsar Simeon I”, which will become an area for creative industries, similar to “Kapana” in Plovdiv. The objective is to develop activities in this place to attract and retain citizens, guests, artists, musicians and all those interested in the art and history of the city.

Varna City Council approves the program proposed by “Varna – European Youth Capital 2017″, which includes the idea of ​​”Talyana – District of Crafts and Art in Varna”, transforming part of the center into a creative space thanks to the “Inno Varna” project. The competition aims to inspire architects, designers, entrepreneurs, event planners, chefs, musicians, artists and artisans to create a new “historic” place in the heart of the so-called “Greek Quarter.”

There is a public debate on the development of “Talyana” as an artistic space in Varna with the participation of architects, municipal structures, youth and non-governmental organizations, citizens, representatives of businesses and other stakeholders.

Experts, architects and citizens decided to continue revitalizing the district in the central part of Varna and created the association “Talyana”. The Municipality of Varna cooperated with the association, which worked on analyzing the neighbourhood and creating a strategy for it.

The Talyana district is twinned with the artistic district of Plovdiv Kapana, a district dedicated to the art and craft and creative industry. The foundations for a network of creative districts in Bulgaria were then laid. Innovator situated in the heart of Talyana decided to take a big part in the expansion of this area and lead numerous projects and activities. For example, the Innovator team organized different trainings, lectures, discussions and events related to the area. One important event was the participation of Innovator in preparing the national “Talyana Forum.” This forum aimed at bringing together like-minded people working for the development of creative neighbourhoods in Bulgaria with experts from the country and abroad. The main goals of these actions were to think, with a team of experts, about a strategy for the development of Talyana. You can read more information here!

Focus on Talyana initiatives:

For many years, attempts have been made to create an arts district in Varna, which will bring together Varna artists and their workshops, as well as various cultural sites – galleries, workshops, installations, etc.

Over the years, many initiatives have been carried out in this direction – architects, art critics, public figures, citizens have given time and effort to make this idea a success. For example, to help promote the area, Varna European Youth Capital 2017 association supported various initiatives devoted to the development of Talyana as an art district. As a result of that, many entrepreneurs saw the potential in the area and opened cafes, bakeries, bars and…a coworking space. 🙂

The activities that were part of Varna EYC 2017 also attracted the interest of young people and tourists visiting the city.

Later on, the participation of Talyana in the project, “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019”, boosted additional energy. In this regard, Talyana district in Varna was twinned with Kapana district in Plovdiv, and joint projects were carried out. In summer, many cultural actions and festivals are organized, such as the Talyana Street Art Fest.

In just four years, the “Talyana” project has succeeded in reaching the inhabitants of Varna and making them join the cause. Today, even if the project does not end there, projects and improvements must still be carried out. In the meantime, Talyana is a place of culture, communication and entertainment that beats to the rhythm of talent and art.

So, if you want to know more about our project and the Talyana neighbourhood: follow our Facebook and Instagram!! You can tag us in your post sharing your favourite place in Talyana. I promise to keep an eye on it and visit every place you mention! So be my guide! And last but not least, I will soon write an article about what to do and see in Talyana, so stay tuned!

Author: Fanny Schupfer

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