The Talyana Neighbourhood 1 | Innovator Coworking SpaceTalyana
20/04/2021|0 comments

The Talyana Neighbourhood

The Talyana Neighbourhood For my first cultural article, I had no choice but to start with Talyana. It is the first district that I discovered after arriving in Varna, and I fell in love with it at first sight. So let me tell you more about this district of Varna… A little history about Talyana: The idea behind the name of Talyana is to create an arts …

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A little story about … coworking space 2 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworking
22/03/2021|0 comments

A little story about … coworking space

We may think that the creation of coworking space is directly linked to Silicon Valley, created in a world of «Geeks» for «Geeks». But this is just the visible face of the iceberg, since age, people are cooperating in such working space. But the coworking place is not anymore seen as a Silicon Valley… The development of coworking space from Europe t …

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