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31/01/2019|0 comments

In the Spotlight – Deni Belcheva

In the spotlight today we have Deni Belcheva, who is part of Innovator’s team. She is a positive person and has a lot to share. Which 3 words describe you the best? Focused on details, as well as the whole picture. Motivated to act – that keeps me alive because I am motivated to do innovative things that help people express themselves better. Also se …

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In the Spotlight – Pavlina Svetoslavova 1 | Innovator Coworking SpaceCoworker
15/08/2018|0 comments

In the Spotlight – Pavlina Svetoslavova

I’m Pavlina – 23 years old and part of the Innovator team. I graduated in the UK majoring Interior Design, then I had my internship in Italy for three months. Then I decided to come back to Bulgaria. I had lived and worked in Sofia, but I returned to Varna. During that time we created Innovator. I am mainly working on this at the moment. At first I …

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